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Mastering Music Publishing: The Myths, How it Really Works and the Mighty Hand of Copyright Termination

The Entertainment Arts and Sports Law Section is sponsoring an exciting CLE seminar on music publishing! Mastering Music Publishing: The Myths, How it Really Works and the Mighty Hand of Copyright Termination Thursday, October 16  6 to 8 p.m. Bienstock & Michael, PC 411 Hackensack Avenue, 7th Floor Hackensack, NJ $38 per person About the seminar: Music publishing is one of the most arcane and byzantine areas of the music industry, and certainly the most misunderstood. As the industry continues to evolve […]

Flickr’s Creative Commons Problem

This post was written by Jesse Woo and originally published on the Washington Lawyers for the Arts Blog. Read the full post. Under traditional copyright law, a photographer has exclusive control in the distribution, copy, and display of their photograph and can grant these rights to others on an individual basis, usually for a fee. Another option for photographers is to use a Creative Commons License on their photograph. A Creative Commons (CC) license attached to a work grants other users […]

Aereo v. The (TV) World

By: Christopher Psihoules, Esq. On June 25, 2013 SCOTUS finally put its foot down on the most extreme of the “cable cutters.”  Aereo provided customers with the ability to stream broadcast television programs, only a few seconds behind the live program, by connecting to small antennas housed in a centralized warehouse.  SCOTUS found that this equated to “performing” copyrighted works and performing them in “public” within the meaning of the Copyright Act. The court’s 6-3 decision reverses a lower court ruling on what has […]

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