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How Countries are Using the Law to get Looted Treasures Back – ABA Cover Story

For centuries, the provenance of looted foreign artwork was a neglected concern for art institutions and collectors. However, the second half of the 20th century saw the beginnings of laws governing cultural heritage to protect such national art. Now countries are increasingly seeking the return of their looted artwork, and public opinion is growing in support of the art’s repatriation. For a detailed article on how countries are using the law to seek the return of their looted art, see the ABA’s July cover […]

Non-Compete Agreements: A Potentially Growing Trend in Art Employment

By: Heather Schubert Non-Compete Agreements (NCAs) are contracts made between two parties (typically the employer and the employee) in which the employee agrees not to work for a competitor within a certain geographic location for a particular period of time after the employment ends. They can also be called “restrictive covenants” or exist in employment contracts as “non-compete clauses.” Traditionally non-compete agreements were used for high-level executives or management positions that have access to confidential information or have developed client […]

Common Areas of Law for Artists

By: Heather Schubert Whether you’re an artist or an arts organization, the following areas of law could impact you. Read below for brief summaries of potentially relevant areas of law and keep an eye on our website: NJVLA will be posting educational materials, additional blog articles, and hosting events on a wide range of legal issues that may impact you or your organization. Copyright Law: Copyright protects artists and arts organizations with respect to certain enumerated rights to their works […]

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